mancode online
refining today’s man

Our mission is to refine men of all ages
and send them out as world changers.
ManCode is a philanthropic organization centered around the upliftment and empowerment of individuals and whole communities, not limited to areas outside of the Accra metropolitan area that are underprivileged and that are in need of assistance.

ManCode was founded in 2017

Formed primarily as a charity-based initiative focused on galvanizing various groups of men, young and mature; for the sake of forming a strong and powerful coalition to bring about positive changes in our society through the execution of unique and diverse initiatives, programs and projects.

We’re Unique

ManCode as an Organization is a coalition unlike any other organized group in the world. It is a place where Christian men of all ages, socio-economic backgrounds, various skin tones and walks of life etc. converge together for mentorship and guidance with regards to all elements and aspects of modern life and Christendom.

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Meet Team-ManCode

ManCode takes on the nature of a men’s ministry or (society) focalized on excellence, education, edification, empowerment and evangelism and yet, it is very much an association that calls for men to be accountable for themselves and for other men.
It is an organization meant to deal with the core issues tugging on the hearts of all Christian men alike, and serves as a platform or springboard to propel Christian men into their divine purposes in life.

Jeff Spain

Executive President

Jeff Spain is an actor, singer, preacher, public and motivational speaker, philanthropist and business mogul. He is a Former BET Sunday Best Contestant (2007) and also starred in BET Networks/ Centric TV’s relationship series Almost Married (2012) as well as An African City (2014).

Jeff is a man on a mission to bring and raise men who understand what manhood and being a father really signifies. Lives in New York but embarks on missionary work all over the world.

Jeremie Van-Garshong

Executive Vice President

Jeremie Van-Garshong is an award winning radio and TV personality, author, public and motivational speaker with the call of missionary. She is the co-host of Live FM‘s Morning show, Live Breakfast Club and the host of Not Easily Broken on Praise TV.

Call her multi gifted, lovely character, philanthropist, business mogul or woman of God and you will not be wrong. Jeremie delights in reaching people using her life stories and a genuine gift of interpreting the word of God.

Ps Kennedy Omane

Man Code Pastor

Ps Kennedy is the president of Kennedy Omane Ministries (KOM); an unstoppable movement with the unique anointing to eradicate every form of deviant behaviour and immoral practices among the adults and youth across the globe.
He is the General Overseer of Mendhouse Chapel International; a ministry which aims at remoulding lives worldwide through the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, raising God-fearing leaders, and embarking on outreach programs.