What Mancode Stands For

The notion of ManCode traditionally has been a worldly concept of unwritten codes of conduct with regards to how a man should govern oneself regarding his own life, relationships, business etc. and bylaws passed down from one male individual to another. Reshaping the modern day Man back into the true biblical definition of what a Man is.

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Mancode Online Radio

Tune in and listen to Mancode Online Radio and get treated with a variety of programs and content that will bring you to  the reality of who you really are as a man. Our diverse talk and music shows are available for you listening pleasure 24 hours a day, so listen in and make contributions to the shows, either live or pre-recorded.

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Join the Fitvolution

The biggest fitness revolution is currently taking place and you wouldn’t want to be left out, as Mancode is the authority behind it. Train with professionals, as well as other fitness lovers each and every Saturday at the Mancode office (East Legon) around the ANC Mall. Train your Faith and Fitness at the same time to stay spiritually and physically strong.

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